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I already have material and only need an editor so can I have a discount?

No. Reviewing your existing material is expected if I am to understand your specific business and its needs. You should consider this a hands on learning experience where you will benefit from my expert advice and be better equipped to tackle your own work in the future.

How do I know what size package to purchase for my business? I don't really know what different word counts look like.

The easiest thing to do is pop open your favorite word processor and describe what you want me to write for you. Some things to consider are tone and “vibe”, the purpose and goals you are looking to achieve with the writing (sales and ad copy, educational, entertainment, etcetera), your target audience for the content, and how in-depth and complex you want the work to be. Writing that is research intensive on complex subject matter will be better suited to longer form content. 

Doing this will accomplish two things:

  1. I already need this information 


  2. You can grab the word count from your aforementioned favorite word processor and see how many words you wrote yourself. 

What is your refund policy?

It is best described as ‘Chaotic Good’. Refunds are at my sole discretion. Clients return to me because they are pleased and I am excellent at my job. Reasonable problems are met with reasonable solutions.

I have a different question!

Cool, write in to me and see if it makes it into the FAQs or the blog.


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