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September 15, 2017

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September 15, 2017

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Recipe: GAZPACHO!!!

June 10, 2012

While you wait for a real post let me just leave this recipe for GAZPACHO!!! here for you. It’s a great and easy summer recipe that I’ve been positively stuffing my face with since returning from the book expo because I have just wanted to eat ALL OF THE VEGETABLES. Also, it doesn’t involve any actual cooking, largely just chopping things or pureeing them, if you’re that kind of person.

•    Tomato juice (you could also use V8 except I will never use V8 because they put carrots in all of their products. Even the fruit juice. Jerks.)
•    Worcestershire sauce
•    vinegar (red wine, sherry, and apple cider all work, so use whatever you like)
•    lemon or lime juice (again, both work so use your preference)
•    hot sauce (just a dash or two for flavor if you don’t like it spicy)
•    cilantro (I like fresh)
•    garlic (again, I like fresh)
•    tomatoes, chopped
•    cucumbers, chopped (I also grate some for texture)
•    green or red pepper
•    green or red onions
•    celery
•    shredded cheese, if you are so inclined
I start with tomato juice and then add Worcestershire sauce, vinegar, lemon or lime, hot sauce, garlic and cilantro to taste. I don’t really measure any of these things because I am a terrible chef and also because it really doesn’t matter how you combine them because it’s basically always delicious. Then just chop up the rest of ingredients and add them to the tomato juice base. Some people puree a lot of the ingredients and then only add a few chopped up vegetables as more of a garnish – either way works. I also add shredded cheese on top because I like cheese a great deal.

This recipe is great for making large batches to share with friends and it’s easy to garnish so it looks fancy but requires very little actual skill in the kitchen, basically you just need to be able to not slice your fingers off while chopping things.



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