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September 15, 2017

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September 15, 2017

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And then Karen Healey Signed my Book and I Went Squee, Squee, Squee All the Way Home

November 8, 2011


Remember how I said I was going to go fangirl at Karen Healey over at Books of Wonder in NYC for the Fantastic Teen & Tween Fiction event? Yeah, that was an awesome time. The other authors on the panel were Louis Buitendag (The Bloomswell Diaries), Marianna Baer (Frost), Jocelyn Davies (A Beautiful Dark), E. Archer (Geek Fantasy Novel), and Andy Marino (Unison Spark), and they were all excellent.

I really enjoyed The Shattering but one of the things I never quite figured out was how to pronounce “Sione” because I am a dumb American. Healey read it “See-oh-nay” with her accent which I wouldn’t have guessed (not the accent, the pronunciation) – in my head I was reading it “S-eye-own”. *headdesk*


Some other random things from the panel:

“People always ask me where I get my ideas and since I find the real answer boring, I lie.” – Karen Healey (Here, have this link for the best answer to that question ever)

“I loved the editing process, I loved having people tell me WHAT TO DO.” – Marianna Baer (I just realized this may look sarcastic in print, but IT WAS NOT. Writing is kind of hard and a solo activity and not having to be responsible for all the decisions can be very SOOTHING.)

Someone from the audience asked: Will The Shattering be an audiobook? Will there be one narrator or three? Healey said it is already available as an audiobook and there is only one narrator but with an almost authentic New Zealand accent. Personally I know I’d like to sit around all day listening to The Shattering being read in a dreamy NZ accent, so this sounds like a win.

“My desk at work is filled with post-its that are not related to my job.” – Andy Marino

And what are these authors up to next? Marianna Baer Is working on a contemporary immaculate conception story (which can I just say what? Freaking awesome!). Louis Buitendag is working on the sequel to The Bloomswell Diaries, which is the first of four. Andy Marino’s next YA is coming out in 2013, Uncrashable Dakota is a hijacking story set on a giant steampunk airship. E. Archer said he spent two weeks in the Congo at a sanctuary with bonobo monkeys and it inspired him to write about a girl who hides in their enclosure to escape a war. Karen Healey’s next book is about a girl who is having the best day of her life and then gets shot by a sniper and wakes up a hundred years later. Jocelyn Davies is working on the second book in the trilogy.

And then Karen Healey signed my book and was just delightful to talk to and then I went squee squee squee all the way home. And by “home” I mean “FaerieCon”.


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