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September 15, 2017

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Welcome Back!

September 15, 2017

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Fall 2011 TV Lineup

November 3, 2011

Some thoughts on this season’s television lineup:

Dexter – Dexter and I almost broke up when the writers committed an Unforgivable Writing Sin™ but after a few months I couldn’t help myself from taking him back. I love me a serial killer with a heart of gold, I really do. I JUST CAN’T HELP IT. Season 6 had me making some faces over the time gap from the last season but I forgave that as soon as Mos Def showed up as Brother Sam. Best. Role. Ever. I love this show to pieces.

Big Bang Theory – This show pretty much always wins. I don’t watch a lot of sitcoms but this one is so nerdtastic that I can’t help but love it.

Once Upon a Time: Yes, of course I am watching this. Did you really think there was any chance I wouldn’t? Two episodes in and I like it just fine, however I do have some comments on it. First off, the title. What even? I mean it fits OK, I suppose, but it is so very common. Second, the main character is named Emma Swan which makes me scream “WHY DO ALL OF THESE FEMALE LEADS HAVE THE LAST NAME SWAN?” Can we please get past this trend? Emma Swan, Bella Swan, Elizabeth Swan, and now that movie Black Swan. Besides, I just keep calling the lead Cameron anyway because I loved her on House M.D. Also, I’m not sure I like the double timeline they have going on. Cross-cutting between what is happening now and what started everything is kind of annoying and keeps popping me out of the story. I probably would have preferred it if they just did the story chronologically because I kind of want them to get past the flashback scenes which, surprisingly, irritate me despite being far more fantasy-ish than the modern day timeline. I’m also not fond of how Cameron (yes, I am going to keep calling her that even though I know her name is Swan) was only a bounty-hunter in the first episode. I mean, sure in episode two she got a chainsaw but I really want to see her kick some butt all over the place and go totally BAMF-y. The thing about this show is that I kind of wanted it to be The 10th Kingdom, which it very clearly isn’t.

Grimm – Yes, of course I am watching this. Did you really think there was any chance I wouldn’t? Based on the pilot episode I am definitely going to keep watching this, however I have some serious issues with that whole “Oh, I have this huge magical secret I never told you before and now I don’t have time because I’m DYING and instead of telling you the most important bits I’m just going to keep telling you I don’t have time to tell you anything”. Of course, I also want the wolf to be the wolf from The 10th Kingdom but I sense the potential to move past that once I see a few more episodes. What’s a little strange for me personally is that I just started reading Sweetly by Jackson Pearce and the Big Bad’s are kinda sorta reminding me of that. Not sure how long that will last as I keep reading/watching but it’s interesting how fairy-tale retellings have gotten popular lately. I AM OK WITH THIS TREND CONTINUING FOREVER, I love a good fairy-tale and retellings are always interesting to me. *points at The Princess Series by Jim C. Hines*

Misfits – Bring. Nathan. Back. I hate the new guy. He isn’t funny or charming and quite frankly annoys me above and beyond just not being Nathan. I’m not really feeling the new powers either, but mostly I just want to rant about Nathan. Want. Nathan. WANT HIM.


House, M.D – I like the new chick.


Bones – I can’t wait to watch the season premiere of this you guys.



Law and Order: SVU – I was excited about Casey Novak returning, but then they canned Elliot and I couldn’t bring myself to watch any more. I only saw the first episode but I’m not sure I can bring myself to watch it anymore if Stabler is really gone. It’d be like that time they tried to keep making X-Files without Mulder and we all know how that turned out.
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