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Ukraine So Far...

Some thoughts, in no particular order: Ghost of Kyiv, real or not we love it. The Ghost is a brand new urban legend of a fighter jet ace who’s shooting down Russian invasion planes. I recognize it’s unlikely to be true, but damn does the collective internet WANT it to be true.

Citizens of the globe are arranging travel to Ukraine to help, a volunteer international effort is being made on social media to help Ukraine - people transporting to the borders are trying to bring refugees back with them. Zelensky has asked for more to do the same, he says come to Ukraine and he will provide, just come and they’ll figure it out from there. Guns, food, whatever, they need fighters and will supply them regardless of their home country. If I was homeless I might just take Zelensky up on that offer, by action he is showing himself to be a man of honor - that makes it likely he will be gracious with taking care of his fighters if they can prevail.

President Zelensky has attained Fucking Legend status. The internet adores this man. Captured Russians are being forced to call their mothers and admit what they’ve done to Ukrainians. Imagine committing WAR CRIMES and being allowed to call your mother but you have to admit what you’ve done and explain that is why you are captured. That’s some powerful moves, right there.

Snake Island soldiers told an entire Russian warship to go fuck itself instead of surrendering. They lost but their message will reverberate through the internet along with the F to pay respects.

President Zelensky was a comedian and actor prior to his election campaign. An American parallel would be, like, Jon Stewart. Zelensky is showing bravery the likes of which we haven’t seen in a long damn time. He refuses to leave his people and is fighting alongside with them. I respect the absolute fuck out of that decision. When Biden asked if he would like to be extracted from Ukraine to avoid death or capture he told President Biden he need ammunition, not a ride, because he was going to stay and fight. RESPECT. The domestic opposition party to Zelensky has dropped all opposition in favor of arming themselves and joining him in the fight. All Ukrainians must fight to save themselves and their country, and if you cannot fight you must flee. Those are the only options available to all Ukrainian citizens right now. On Bullying: When I was a tiny Cassandra, my mother taught me that you don’t use violence to solve conflicts but if someone hit me or physically hurt me like that I must hit them back three times harder. Hit them back so hard they never ever want to provoke that again. She told me she didn’t care if I got in trouble at school, if I needed to defend myself she would take care of any problems after I was SAFE. I am smol and female and ridiculously nerdy so I have often appeared to be an easy target, but my mother’s words have held true. Putin is an International bully, and he won’t respect anyone who doesn’t hit him back three times harder. Putin doesn’t care about the Russian people, he specifically needs to be hit with the pain. Putin controls Russian media, those who resist Putin have access to international reporting. Giving Russian citizens access to legitimate and true news would be a devastating blow to Putin’s home front and would bring more people to Putin’s opposition. That man, Navalney, survived a POISONING by Putin and then returned to Russia to continue to run against Putin politically. Some of the social media footage being shared is actually from previous Russian aggressions the Ukraines fought, such as the invasion of Crimea - which is often called “the annexation of Crimea” but it was an invasion by any normal person’s understanding of the word. Ukrainians are fighting like hell right now, but they don’t want to give away information so video footage is being sent to Ukrainian leaders to disseminate without revealing sensitive information. Ukraine has asked for citizens to use drones to gather intelligence footage for them on where the enemies troops are located. A lot of people on tv and on the internet keep asking “what does Putin really want??” but it seems really obvious what he wants, it’s like watching Pinky ask the Brain every night what they’re going to do - Try to take over the world. Duh. He’s mucked about with the internal workings of US Politics, of UK politics, and probably everywhere if we’re being realistic. He’s been preparing for YEARS. It’s not just Ukraine. And it won’t stay just Ukraine. That’s why the international community can’t cede to Putin. Finland, Sweden, and Poland seem likely to be up next, either because he wins Ukraine and decides to increase his borders again, or because those countries choose to side with Ukraine and help them. Glory to Ukraine!

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