• Cassandra

The Biggest Painting I've Ever Made!

"Inner Cities of the Soul" is my current work in progress and measures in at a big ol' two foot by four foot. I started this in the beginning of the year with just a nice slab of wood balanced on a tower of stacked furniture, and that's exactly what it looked like for the first several stages of the process. Sanding and gesso-ing takes a while to prep the board but it doesn't really change the appearance so to the casual observer I just had this chunker displayed prominently taking up an annoyingly large amount of space for no apparent reason for several weeks. The fun part is, of course, actually starting in on the painting so I'm having a blast chipping away at this project in between paid work. I don't have a buyer lined up on this yet and I also don't really have anywhere to put it but I've waved those problems off as things Future Self will figure out because it's going to look so freaking awesome when it's done.

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