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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are you the same Cassandra that wrote all that stuff about James Arthur Ray, the man who killed several people in a sweat lodge?

A. Yes. In 2009 I had the first participant interviews and snuck onto a private call James Ray held after the fact in an attempt to tamper with the witnesses. Unfortunately, the company that I worked for at the time is no longer in business and no longer has the archives available. I could reconstruct the article from my original source notes, if that is a thing people are interested in – however, the articles did their job and spread awareness that James Ray murdered people in a brutal manner by literally cooking them to death so I don’t know if that is necessary at this point. When I wrote those articles there was zero Google footprint for the dangerous and violent incidents at James Ray retreats and now a basic internet search will at least give you fair warning that James Ray might lock you in an oven or otherwise harm you in the name of “self-help” and “motivational speaking”.  If you got here by searching info on James Arthur Ray my best advice to you is FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS SACRED DO NOT GIVE HIM MONEY AND DO NOT PUT YOUR SAFETY IN HIS HANDS.



Q. How can I get you to review something?

A. You should start by sending it to me. Although this is no way guarantees a review of any sort, it does increase the chances exponentially. What can I say, if something is conveniently in my little hands then I am that much more likely to form opinions on it, and that is the first step that compels me to write a review. That being said, there are some things I am more likely to review than others – please see my Review Policy for further details. 



Q. Can I hire you for freelancing writing or editing work?


A. Possibly! Business inquiries are best addressed to my email – cyorgey at gmail. 



Q. Can I friend you on Facebook?


A. Sure! I accept almost all friend requests so if for some reason I mistook your profile for a robot or whatever just send me a message or email to get it sorted. 



Q. You look like a vegetarian. 


A. Well, that’s not really a question but I sure do get it a lot. And no, I am definitely not. I sometimes have vegetarian tendencies but that’s just because I like a lot of different kinds of food and cooking meat is annoying. If you’re really interested in my food preferences the main things I avoid are seafood, orange root vegetables, and mushrooms. For a more in-depth discussion on food you should probably just friend me on Facebook because I love to eat and post pictures of my food as much as the next person.