• Q. Are you the same Cassandra that wrote all that stuff about James Ray?
    A. Yes. Information on the crazy guy who BBQ’d people in sweat lodges and fire-walking ceremonies can be found
    here and here.
  • Q. How can I get you to review something?
    A. You can start by sending it to me. Although that in no way guarantees a review of any sort, it does increase the chances exponentially. What can I say, if something is conveniently in my little hands I am that much more likely to form opinions on it and that is the first step that compels me to write about something. That being said, I am most likely to review things that fall in the fantasy genre. Or the “Ooooh! Shiny!” category. Please see my
    Review Policy for further details.
  • Q. Will you do work for hire?
    A. Perhaps. Please address business inquiries to my email.
  • Q. Can I purchase ad space on your site?
    A. Yes. Please address business inquiries to my email.
  • Q. You look like a vegetarian, are you?
    A. I do not know what a vegetarian looks like, but I assure you I only have vegetarian tendencies. I will happily eat meat whenever I feel so inclined.

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