My thoughts on the Penn State Scandal can be summed up by repeating “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” over and over, and then flailing around screaming “EW! EW! EW! SQUICK! SQUICK! SQUICK!” a lot, because you know, EW. That being said, I don’t care even the tiniest fraction of a bit about sports and I care a great deal about the health, safety, and protection of children so my gut reaction to hearing about someone abusing kids is a burning desire to punch them repeatedly in the head, douse them in lighter fluid and set their $#@%ing face on fire before chopping them into tiny pieces and feeding them through a wood-chipper. Nowhere in my brain would “keep your face shut so a football team can win a game” ever pop up. It doesn’t, however, take a great leap of imagination to see how someone who didn’t actually witness any wrongdoing might not be so anxious to jump into such a mess based on a second-hand report.

I don’t often talk about IRL things online but this whole discussion is relevant to a Thing that has been eating away at my soul for a while so I’m going to tell you about it dear readers, and ask for your advice. There is an acquaintance of mine who is rumored to have had entirely inappropriate pictures of little girls on his computer. This is a man who I have known for some time, respect a great deal, and would be generally shocked and horrified to find actually had such pictures; furthermore it is an accusation made by people whom I know beyond a shadow of a doubt to have made up equally horrible rumors and used them to try and ruin people both socially and professionally for petty things such as $#!ts, giggles, wanting to steal their date, break them and their S/O up, etc. So essentially, I have no evidence and have seen nothing even remotely incriminating myself and have only heard about it from specifically unreliable witnesses. But, now this man is married with a tiny baby girl and I worry. I don’t want to be the one who did nothing but I’m also not anxious to cast such terrible accusations at someone I like based on so little. What would YOU do? What should *I* do? Tell the man’s wife? His mother? The police? Just watch carefully for myself? Break into his house and search his computer for evidence Dexter-style?

I’m not defending the actions of anyone at Penn State here, but the further along the chain one is from the actual seeing of the evil deed the easier it is to not want to be the one to make the waves, because you just don’t know. Unless of course you were the one who did walk in on some coach diddling a little boy in the bathroom in which case, WHY IN THE EVER LOVING $@#% DID YOU NOT SAVE THAT CHILD?

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